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Car Owners Just Like You

like having their cars kept looking good, especially when,

  1. they have dents and scuffs and do not want to file an insurance claim.
  2. they are getting ready to park their cars for winter or get them on the road in the spring and,
  3. want to sell them or take them back to the leasing company.

Our customers love their cars, and we love to keep their cars looking great.

Car Dealers

like having a same day service provider they can count on. Checkpoint allows dealers to make one phone call for all of their cosmetic repair services. Checkpoint's ability to turn used cars, auction cars and cosmetic damage to customer cars makes car dealers smile.

Fleet and Facility Managers

like having Checkpoint come to their locations and look after their fleets of vehicles. The cars look great, and have less downtime. (Not to mention we save them money!)

Rental Car Companies

call on Checkpoint to help keep their cars looking great and on the road as often as they can be. After all, a car that can't be rented can't make them money. Makes sense.

Insurance Companies

like to send their policyholders to Checkpoint. Why? Most Checkpoint repairs can be completed for less money than the policyholder's deductible. Recommending Checkpoint to the policyholder saves them money. Insurance companies find that this makes for good policyholder relationships!