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Bumper Scuffs

It's funny how often parking curbs and garage walls jump out at cars. Hey—it happens, but we can fix it.

Why replace a bumper if you can have us simply repair the damage? Our proprietary and environmentally friendly system lets us provide a permanent repair without removing the damaged part. For you, that means lower costs, no need for rental cars and same day service for less than your insurance deductible. The paint colors are matched to manufacturer's specifications using the Checkpoint handheld database of more than 37,000 paint formulas. We can repair most scuffs and gouges to bumpers, door panels, side body panes, ground effects and more!

Paint Chips

If you do a great deal of highway driving, or live in an area where there are gravel or dirt roads, you know about paint chips. These aggravating spots can lead to rust if not treated. We prepare and repair each stone chip on your car. The paint is custom mixed and matched specifically to the manufacturer's code using our handheld paint database. We do not wipe paint on and then remove it with a squeegee; use paint colors that are "close enough" from the same touch-up paint you can purchase at a local hardware store; or use colored wax or magic markers to repair your vehicle!

Our repairs are permanent repairs.

Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are faded, you're putting yourself at risk! Headlights are there for safety, and no other reason. Over time, most headlights fade from sun exposure, dirt and sand abrasions, and stone chips. Replacing them is expensive.

We can restore the safety factor, and the look, with our same day service. Headlight restoration can also add value to your resale car or lease turn back vehicle.